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Post install file for the langley_mfrsr VAP process.

parent 008f4419
# Post install script for the vap-langely_conf package.
if [ -z "$HOME" ]; then export HOME="/home/cm"; fi
if [ -z "$DSDB_HOME" ]; then export DSDB_HOME="/apps/ds"; fi
if [ -z "$PERLLIB" ]; then export PERLLIB="$DSDB_HOME/lib"; fi
if [ -z "$VAP_HOME" ]; then export VAP_HOME="/apps/process"; fi
$DSDB_HOME/bin/db_import_process $VAP_HOME/conf/vap/langley_mfrsr/langley_mfrsr.process
$DSDB_HOME/bin/db_load_dod -q $VAP_HOME/conf/vap/langley_mfrsr/mfrsrlangley.c1-2.1.dod
$DSDB_HOME/bin/db_load_dod -q $VAP_HOME/conf/vap/langley_mfrsr/mfrsrlangplot.c1-2.1.dod
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