Commit a07824d1 authored by Brian Ermold's avatar Brian Ermold
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Added sgpE13 test for updated DOD with actual_wavelength attributes renamed to centroid_wavelength.

parent b81c7208
......@@ -58,6 +58,7 @@ COMMAND $(GDB) $(VAP_BIN)/langley -n langley_mfrsr -s $(SITE) -f $(FAC) -b $(BEG
RUN sgp C1 20010502 20010503
RUN sgp C1 20010610 20010611
RUN sgp C1 20010704 20010705
RUN sgp E13 20180815 20180816
RUN nsa C1 20010704 20010705
RUN nsa C1 20010604 20010605
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