Commit 7c52b4c4 authored by Carina Lansing's avatar Carina Lansing
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Updated the shifter run command.

parent 9d0b53aa
......@@ -89,11 +89,14 @@ run_singularity() {
run_shifter() {
shifter run \
--env BEGIN_DATETIME=$begin_datetime \
# Note that NERSC id not have on their allowed registries, so they
# had to pull the image the first time in order to make this work. They
# are adding so that in the future, we can pull updates
shifter \
--entrypoint \
--env=BEGIN_DATETIME=$begin_datetime \
--volume=$input_folder:/data/lasso/inputs \
--volume=$output_folder:/data/lasso/outputs \
#srun -C gpu shifter run --mount=type=bind,source=$HOME,destination=$HOME debian ls -l $HOME
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