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......@@ -5,10 +5,9 @@ slurm scheduler. Actual commands may be different at your institution
depending upon the scheduler used.
## Setting up Singularity environment on your HPC cluster
#### Prerequisite: Singularity 3+
Singularity 3+ has been tested and approved for use with the LASSO-O
container. It might run with an older version of Singularity, but this
has not been verified.
#### Prerequisite: Singularity 3.6+
Singularity 3.6+ is required for use with the LASSO-O
Usually Singularity is available via a module load. To see if
Singularity is available on your cluster, type the following:
......@@ -47,6 +47,15 @@ sgpwrfout10C1.00
You do not have to copy any observational data (e.g., sgpcldfracset15mC1.c1, sgplassodiagobsC1.c1)
as this data is embedded in the container image.
### 4) Edit config.yml file
Edit the config.yml file to provide parameters about your run. The config.yml file contains
detailed descriptions for each parameter. If you run following these instructions, you
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